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About Us

A Friendly school proud of their students

The development of any community is dependent on the educational level that goes in accordance with its beliefs and needs. Imparting our cultural values and beliefs at school level would uplift the religious practice thereby binding us together to sphere-head towards success. TIAIS, which is set up under the auspices of non-profit QASIMIYYA trust, is an Islamic School born out of the ideology that mere worldly academic development is not sufficient for the ultimate success of a Muslim. Hence, an education system that presents high academic standard along with equal importance to Islamic studies in a perfect Islamic environment is the only solution for the ultimate success of the students in this world and in the Hereafter.

ALIMIYAN PUBLIC SCHOOL was established in 2010 and is managed by the QASIMIYYA Charitable Trust. With a humble beginning of ---------- students and a handful of teachers, we have grown in over the last 10 years both in infrastructure and student enrollment. We consistently ensure to provide quality education and nurture spiritual wellbeing of students from Kindergarten up to High school. The school is committed to providing a world class education founded on an elaborated National Curriculum of India accredited by CBSE with English as the main medium of instruction.

Our Mission

EveryDay Care for your Children ...

To provide high standard of education to the students, particularly Lower and Middle Income Group of the Our society Community with complete Moral practice in a total Perfect environment so as to enable them to emerge successful in this world and in the Hereafter.
Also we provide students with comprehensive Islamic education and training. Character building is emphasized in the light of Qur'an and Sunnah. Our students learn to Act upon the knowledge in their every day lives - in faith, daily actions and interactions, to be exemplary Muslims not only within their Society but peace loving and peace promoting world citizens.
We wish to impart to our students the best quality of education in English, Math, Science, Social Studies, Computer Science, Arts and Crafts, coupled with strong Islamic foundations. we are trying to make each student become an asset to society.

Our Activities

Tharbiyya Islamiyya Academy for Islamic studies

TIAIS was Established as an ISLAMIC ACADEMY IN 2000 TIAIS is unique product of prolonged discourse and deliberation among great visionary scholars and supportive community leaders who are deeply concerned about the dichotomous view towards education as religious and secular


The idea of a dedicated institution for the multi-dimensional education of Muslim Women prompted the founders of SCHOOL OF QURAN to set up an institution for the women on the bank of the lake Shathamcotta. Since its inception it has been rendering yeomen service to the society providing opportunities of education to those who were denied of it. A trailblazer in this field, Banath differs from its peers in the variety and depth of educational service it offers.


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Innovative Methods


To build excellent moral character among the students (Prophet Mohammad (SAW) repeatedly said that the best Muslim is the one who has the best Moral character) for the reason that the purpose of education is character.


• To offer best-in-class education along with inculcating values of Islam and significance of service to humanity in the minds of our children.


• To cultivate the habit of following Sunnath strictly in school life so as to enable them to continue to be a strict follower of Sunnath throughout their life.


• To embed the spirit of success in each student, whereby they can walk into tomorrow's world with assured footsteps.


• To equip the students with the intellectual and practical skills that is necessary to meet the inevitable challenges in their future


• To provide quality education combined with Islamic and Arabic educational programs.

Enquiring Mind

• Ensuring to nurture the natural curiosity, foster the passion for learning, instil the tendency for self-motivation and examination as well as encourage the ability for critical thinking.